63: sarcasm

i try not to use sarcasm. it has no benefits.


62: barney

big purple dinosaur.  everyone watched him, no one wanted to admit it. how else would all the bullies have the cursory knowledge necessary to tease people about liking it?  in fact, they were probably the ones who watched it most.  to be honest, i’ve only seen a few episodes.  my mom wasn’t too into television when i was growing up, so needless to say, i missed out on a large part of what could have been my childhood.  she had a moral imperative to hate barney just like i did, so whenever friends of mine had it on, i’d find something else to do.

with that said… yes, i do have every episode in first edition on video cassette and dvd.

60: toys

my favorite toy growing up was definitely k’nex.  i wasn’t really a lego universe kid.  they didn’t intrigue me.  k’nex are such engineering toys, you can make everything cool.  most of the time, i would deviate from the instructions and figure out how to make things faster and more simple.  their structural integrity was usually compromised, but i didn’t care; it still worked.

i used to love playing with wood blocks too.  i feel like i’ve talked about this already, maybe i have, maybe i haven’t.  but when i was in kindergarten, i built a block tower to end all block towers.  we were actually building “robots” but they were really just blocks stacked up as high as we possibly could.  i feel like i’ve talked about this before…

into new territories…

before there was cable, there was sega genesis.  i loved sega genesis.  i jumped on the bandwagon a bit later, when things were a bit cheaper, but i was able to get a few neat games.  my dad bought it for me one christmas.  my mom wouldn’t let me bring it to her house, she didn’t like videogames.

a few years later, i got a sony playstation.  crash bandicoot was such an awesome game.  it still is.  my dad got it for me.  so key!

after that, my mom got me a nintendo 64 with super smash bros.  there are only a few people i know who are a fair match… other than that, i pretty much destroy everyone.  even in the new games.  it’s the only game that i ever really loved.

then there was sega dreamcast.  that was the year my stepbrother johnny asked for a ps2.  i didn’t want that.  i wanted a sega dreamcast with a bunch of pirated games.  so that’s what i got.  he got one game, i got twenty.  it was no competition, but i had way more fun.  my dad loves playing ufc.  oh, if the riaa is reading this… sorry?  i don’t have it anymore.  (are they even in charge of videogame things?)

then there was the playstation 2 for the birthday.  the charm of the sega dreamcast had worn off, i realised ps2’s superiority and wanted one.  it’s the last system that i’ve bought.  the last game i bought was okami.  it’s fantastic.  i’m not too much into videogames anymore… but i’d love a nintendo wii, at least in principle.  in practice, i’ll probably get tired of it in a week.

musical instruments are my new videogame.

58: special

i name things that are special to me.  wait, let me explain.  you’re not letting me explain.  i name things that are special to me.

and while we’re on the subject, the wreath in my livingroom at the diggs is too small.

SEE! names!

told you.

my second home is the diggs.  literally it is.  although, it’s probably become my first… it feels more like home than anywhere else i live at this point.  it’s a space that feels very much my own.  i’m looking forward to this when i get married as well.  only then it will be “our” own.  but it’ll still feel like mine.  you’ll see.

anywho, i call my house the diggs.
i call shoes kicks.
but i call my shoes chucks.  even if they’re not.
i called a friend of mine hotpants for the better part of a year.
i nicknamed my latin professor d-carp.
and i call my fiance ade.

maybe i just like nicknames…

56: shallow

i don’t care how much people say they value personality or a sense of humor over looks.  they’re lying.  if this is you, you’re a liar.  go ahead, tell me you think your partner is ugly.  okay, now tell them.  see?  you don’t believe it, if you do, you’re a jerk.

anyways, now that that’s out of the way, i may as well tell you that i probably wouldn’t be initially interested in someone unless i found them to be physically attractive.  but, just so i don’t come off as a total jerk, i have to truthfully say that if i got to know a person better, it either wouldn’t matter as much to me, or they would become more physically attractive than i initially found them to be.

55: gum

since we’ve established that i’m a child of the nineties, it should be obvious that i remember a few gum commercials.

1) the juicy fruit commercial and theme song.  racing bikes, surfing dudes, action.  it’s juicy fruit, it gets you moving.

2) wrigley’s doublemint gum.  it’s the statement of the great mint.  and twins.

growing up, i assume most guys loved big league chew.  who wouldn’t?  it’s a pouch filled with enough gum that by the point you chew it all, you’re deaf because your jaw muscle is blocking your ear cavity.  i enjoyed gum of a similar vein: bubble tape.

my favorite gum however, was chicklets.

i’m not a typical guy.