during my lifetime, there have been advances in the food and beverage industry, and also some flops.

i miss crispy m&ms.

keebler magic middles were incredible.

does anyone remember ecto-cooler?

mcdonald’s arch deluxe, and advertisements for it as an “adult hamburger.” does anyone remember the commercials? ronald mcdonald was seen doing adult things, such as playing golf.

clear pepsi. released to test groups of a million people at a time, rhode island was one of the locations. boston was another. too bad new englanders hate change.

new coke.

and what about ok soda? coca-cola’s rebel advertising campaign that was targeted toward the growing cynicism towards advertisements by generation x.

does anyone remember tan m&ms? they got phased out when blue m&ms came in. during that same time, if you found a grey m&m in the bag you’d win a boatload of money. i remember keeping the candy in my mouth just long enough for it to turn grey after all the colour had come off, allowing it to dry and then showing it to my friends.