there are certain words that i love to use, but rarely have the chance to:







one of my favorite literary devices in writing is a part of speech, especially personification.  when i was younger, i first learned the meaning of the phrase “part of speech” when i was at a bible study with my parents.  i didn’t understand why Jesus would tell a story instead of saying something outright.  they said he was just using a part of speech.

i’m still unravelling the power of the metaphor.  it’s part of the reason i’m a sociology major; i believe that we can talk more boldly about who we are as people in stories rather than faceless data.  there’s so much to see in the world through an other’s eyes that we could never see ourselves.  a story about a father waiting on a porch for his son to return after being disgraced is more profound than being told that we need to exhibit grace and forgiveness.

when you talk about yourself, tell me a story; use words.