66: cafeteria

most people talk about their bad experience with school lunch.  when i was in high school, i loved the school lunch.  one reason is because i’ve always been a big fan of hot food, although more often than not, i would choose a cold option.  there were several food options i looked forward to.

nacho supreme.  i would load that baby up.  it was one of the only school lunch meals where i could pretty much get all that i wanted.  they’d load the plate up with chips, and we’d get to choose topics.  i figured out earlier on that it’s best to ask for everything on it, even though it’s messy, because if i didn’t, i’d end up being hungry.  so they loaded me up.  ground beef, that delicious fake yellow cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream.  the works.  and it was only two bucks.  i’d get a chocolate milk to go with it too.

i’d always get the mcrib when we had it.  it was basically an odd boneless rib slathered in barbecue sauce, served on a tortilla roll.  it would usually come with twist fries, which to this day would still be my favourite had i not discovered waffle fries.

another wise tip for school lunch:  get the salad.  you can put as much on your plate, and while it’s only iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and carrot shavings, it’s filling, and you can usually take as much as you want without the lunch ladies getting on your case.  also, get the hot vegetable, whatever it is.  it can usually be mixed with the meat in the main course in order to mask its bland taste, and again is more filling.

hot dog or hamburger day were also pretty awesome.  i’d either get two hot dogs or a hamburger.  for an extra twenty-five cents  another patty could be added to the hamburger.  i’d usually go that option.  dousing it in all sorts of condiments was necessary as it was rather bland and grey without it all.

the cold lunch options at my high school were decent too.  there was an a-la carte line that i could go to and get all sorts of fare.  there was a bag of cookies for a dollar that had three fresh baked, chewy cookies in it.  they were random kinds depending on the day, but they were great.  pop tarts were seventy-five cents.  a bagel with cream cheese was only a dollar.  some days i’d do those three and forego the hot lunch.

but there was the arc de triumph from middle school that i remember:  the triple decker, peanut butter, jelly, and fluff sandwich.  it was great.  that beast had white bread teeth and all sorts of goodness.  it only cost a buck fifty through the a la cart line.  i’d get that whenever they had it.

most days i went with a bagged lunch though.  sandwich, fruit, salty snack, dessert.  it wasn’t terrible, but i’d usually supplement it with something from the a-la carte line.  i spent too much on then the same way that i do now.  i’ll never grow up.


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