i can honestly say that there are only a few types of trail mix that i like.  i am often picky about it, to the extent that if i don’t like just one of the items in the mix, i try to avoid the mix entirely.

for instance, i don’t like raisins in my trail mix, but i do however like dates or figs.  i’m not a huge fan of chocolate chips in the mix, but i can go for m&ms.  dried fruit is always good.  apricots, if they are present, need to be firm instead of mushy.

overall, i prefer a salty mix over a sweet mix, and i appreciate if some things are spicy or tangy.  cajun and oriental trail mixes are some of my favorites.  chex mix is also a good combination of flavour, however i usually try to avoid the pretzels.  they’re not very good.

to be honest, i don’t think i’ve ever had trail mix when i’ve gone hiking.  on the few times i’ve actually gone to a trail with the intention of going hiking we’ve stopped and eaten subway first.  that was in new hampshire with my friend zach.

i think i’d like to go hiking a few times this summer.  nothing hardcore, maybe something 5 or 6 hours round trip.  i would have fun with that.