baked beans are my favourite side. it really doesn’t even depend on the meal we’re eating, as long as there’s baked beans on the side, i’m happy.

but what about mashed potatoes, or macaroni and cheese? there’s also baked apples with cinnamon. i used to go to this place called boston market. i would go there with my dad, who lived in newport when i was younger. i used to go visit him, and we’d get boston market. it was a tradition.

i always used to have a hard time choosing a side, but i can assure you that i would never choose cole slaw. even now, i’m not such a huge fan. i am a big fan of bean salad now. but baked beans always win out. i love ’em.

if it were between mashed potatoes and a baked potato, i’d go with mashed. gotta have lots of butter, with salt and pepper, and definitely sour cream. lots of sour cream.