60: toys

my favorite toy growing up was definitely k’nex.  i wasn’t really a lego universe kid.  they didn’t intrigue me.  k’nex are such engineering toys, you can make everything cool.  most of the time, i would deviate from the instructions and figure out how to make things faster and more simple.  their structural integrity was usually compromised, but i didn’t care; it still worked.

i used to love playing with wood blocks too.  i feel like i’ve talked about this already, maybe i have, maybe i haven’t.  but when i was in kindergarten, i built a block tower to end all block towers.  we were actually building “robots” but they were really just blocks stacked up as high as we possibly could.  i feel like i’ve talked about this before…

into new territories…

before there was cable, there was sega genesis.  i loved sega genesis.  i jumped on the bandwagon a bit later, when things were a bit cheaper, but i was able to get a few neat games.  my dad bought it for me one christmas.  my mom wouldn’t let me bring it to her house, she didn’t like videogames.

a few years later, i got a sony playstation.  crash bandicoot was such an awesome game.  it still is.  my dad got it for me.  so key!

after that, my mom got me a nintendo 64 with super smash bros.  there are only a few people i know who are a fair match… other than that, i pretty much destroy everyone.  even in the new games.  it’s the only game that i ever really loved.

then there was sega dreamcast.  that was the year my stepbrother johnny asked for a ps2.  i didn’t want that.  i wanted a sega dreamcast with a bunch of pirated games.  so that’s what i got.  he got one game, i got twenty.  it was no competition, but i had way more fun.  my dad loves playing ufc.  oh, if the riaa is reading this… sorry?  i don’t have it anymore.  (are they even in charge of videogame things?)

then there was the playstation 2 for the birthday.  the charm of the sega dreamcast had worn off, i realised ps2’s superiority and wanted one.  it’s the last system that i’ve bought.  the last game i bought was okami.  it’s fantastic.  i’m not too much into videogames anymore… but i’d love a nintendo wii, at least in principle.  in practice, i’ll probably get tired of it in a week.

musical instruments are my new videogame.


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